Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a very big problem in our society. Drug addiction means when life becomes dull, boring, uninspiring, or uninteresting. It damage be very early of human being. So it is very bad habit for human being. It is not only damage drug addicted person, it is scruffily to destroy our whole society. In our county once only male were addicted but still now both male and female involve drug addiction. He or she was addicted by drug. They are many man educated or somebody non-educated. But very bad that, when our societies educated person to be interested beside obsessed to drug addiction. They are not be alert for drug addiction rather then they are also enjoy it and to be interested for taken drug another person. When any drug addicted person nothing get some money for collection drug, then they are have a tendency for money collection. Because then they are have overwhelming or besotting influence. And very astonishing an object they are also overwhelming or besotting influences origin to disfigure with corrections own body. Also his or her attitude is change and also misbehave with the other person. If anybody tries to stop him from his bad situation; but he or she dislikes him very much.

I see the many addicted person in my life. Recently I went to an physician for my physically treatment. Here I saw an addicted man. He came with her mother in front of the physician. And the physician whispered him that please you go to any physician for intoxicant treatments. But then the addicted man be very angry by the physician and he say that of the physician no I don't go any other physician site. Now just you treatment of me. And now you check my pressure. Then the doctor laughing and being compelled he treatment of the stranger man. So I think if we are all should be some step's for drug addicted person as every family be alerts themes family members. So then possible of our favour to make free intoxicant country.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Alleviate the poverty in Bangladesh

Poverty is a big problem in Bangladesh. The poverty is a situation in which man can not meet the basic needs of life. Most of the people of our country are very poor. They live below poverty line. They can hardly keep body and soul together. Our personal, family, social and economic life’s each other any sides are not free from the poverty. So the poverty is an extensive and inscrutable social problem. However this poverty can be alleviated to some extent. Our lands should be cultivated scientifically. Scientific method and modern farming should be introduced. The high birth rate should be created. Animal husbandry, crop diversification, fishers, poultry, horticulture, agriculture, dairy farming should be introduced and all these things will go a long way to alleviate poverty.

More ever, the following elements of such an approach play a decisive role in poverty alleviation:

  • Income generation particularly through self-employment;
  • Improvement in supply and distribution of food, drinking water and sanitation facilities,
  • Improvement of access to basic education, skills and training
  • Improvement in crisis-coping capacity and survival strategies through reduction in vulnerability and other socio-economic instability.

If poverty alleviation programme’s to support the government. So poverty alleviation can be made easy.

Like the government should be some stapes in poverty alleviation:

  • Bangladesh rural development
  • Food for works programme’s
  • Vulnerable groups development programme’s
  • Police station resource development and employment project
  • Creation of employment opportunities through infrastructure development
  • Rural maintenance programme’s
  • Social service for the poor
  • Women’s department etc.
Muhammad Yunus should be stapes alleviation to poverty as Grameen Bank. It is very help of many poor people. So we are all people can should be some steps to alleviation of poverty in Bangladesh.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Minor musing

The minor girl be defeated to sea of ideas or sentiments or emotions. Why she anxious be her little charm full life! Which that she thinking of as if the grass with she sharing her minor musing. So that is inconsolable minds unreasonable voice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jaws of death

Man is mortal. These is common phenomenon in our earth. But these is not fair as break one's heart. An expirations with anybody lost her life partner, more then any body having one's father dead. Of this sort consents that day (15-09-08) Late. Shahidul Islam's family. He was a very simple and honest person. He had 38 years old. He was not higher education. But he had crest of humanity. He lost his father of his childhood. Then his mother having straggle and be grown up her all child. In the same way or manner Mr. Shahid leave his wife, two child and his ancient mother. But after some hours difference with died Shahid's mother. That is eccentric harassed of a steam roller of them. That is how ruling of the God ?

Shahid's alone leave behind of his wife, 12 years old a skilful girl and a little son. His daughter read in class nine (group of science ). That is very strange, but this is true. The girl wear very firstly speak and intellectual girl. So Shahide very early admitted school of his daughter. Same to same his son. His son now read in class five.

Mr. Shahid to be worked an American Tobacco company in Bangladesh. He was a normal staff of Tobacco company. His income was are not enough for his family. Whole life he straggle with poverty. Somehow he and his family passed their life. But their have lovely family. Shahid's wife beside of her husband doing some petty work. She know sewing dresses. So she sew another persons dresses and take charges beside household chores.

Mr. Shahid's had disease of asthma. He was not successfully fasting some day. But we are Muslim. The fasting is part of our religion. That day (15-09-08) Shahid are not wear fasting. Because, he felt some physically problem. But we are knocking before Doctor, then he leaved the earth. He is no more. So off all around goes to just rustling sound. He leaved behind two pure child. But these child's are lost them shade of a grove. Now their hoe do live the earth! How to do get them reading source ! In that case what their life be shortly drop out ?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Historical place of Sonargaon

Every body would like to visit an known to unknown. Man want to known ignorant, want to new fermentation, want to being open air and drink nectar to gaudy worlds wonderfulness. So poetries tone hearing having to that expression;

"Thakbo nako boddho ghare,
dekhbo ebar jogottake;
kemon kore ghoorche manus,
jugantorer ghurnipake."

(Not stay to bound just room,
See now the earth;
How to surrounded to man,
Era's moving round.)

Our country's national poetries this poets exited to me about known to our country. So that day we are some student, teacher's rotate to go the sonargaon with David Sasaki. But suddenly our car stop a filing station. Then we are all there pick up photo with David Sasaki. At that’s time there a old men and he look up David and asked me what he your brother? Then I laughing and told him yes. After then we are going to Sonargaon.


This Sonargaon the city of Dhaka from just 14 k.m. south-east site Dhaka-Chittagong path near river of situated behind the menghna. Once upon time the famous historical place sonargaon wear the Bangalies twelve landed proprietors (that means a little of land lord. This twelve not number of twelve mean unlimited land lord) powerful Esah-kha's city. It is said the Sonargaon naming to Esha-kha's wife Sona-Bibi. Bangladeshis this Sonargaon names to first of all memorable remote of exceed history.

The Sonargaon's old name was Subarnogram. Once a time there have Shah-Sultan's city. This Sonargaon there days wear countries of all enriched city and trade and commerce centre. 14th century Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah at first situated at city in Sonargaon. After then up to 17th century the Sonargaon's fame or enriched wear incomparable. Moghal samrat Acbors soldier Manshingha to attacked the Sonargaon of Esha-kha's period. But Esha-kha heroic with to war and to keep up dignity of Sonargaon. After death of Esha-kha destroyed to dignity of Sonargaon and it to take possession of 17th century with Moghal. Then the Moghal subedar's shifted to Bangla city of Sonargaon from Dhaka.

We are all visited the Sonargaon and enjoyed all time. Acrid of terrible and hot weather don't among our side flare up. We are some time breaking and having chotpoti, phuchka, drinks etc.

Today the Sonargaon's glory subject of history. Sonargaon museum is biggest museum. There wear display many thing of useable material Esa-Kha. There have Scrold for Behula and Lakshmi (19 century), scrold for king Batsa Raj, Tribal women wearing cloth with the Had loom, Harberasher, A pice of Bamboo for card, Basket (20 century), Model of Zoom Cultivation Bandarban, Traditional wear for Chakma Tribal women, Manipuri Shawl, Bag for Marma and Chakma, Khanjani, Designed picture, Musical instrument, Terracotta doll, Prisarving Ghat, Tobacco Burner, Earthen Boat, Materials of war, Jamdani sari, Ornaments, have a skilful designing mud wall's Bangladesh map etc.

Zannat Photo: Jesmin

There wear again I met tow Japanese Momo and Sawata. I take interview of them. I asked to them: How many historical place visited of them and which this place of Bangladesh their favorite?
Then their told me their visited to Bangladesh's many historical place like: Paharpur Buddha Bihar, Moinamoti, Rajshahis Kuthi Bari, Ahsan Manzil, Sonargaon etc. But their said me their very happy to visit Bangladesh and Bangladesh's historical place. Every place are different and interesting same as to delightful.

Momo and Sawata

Really we are glory in our country for Bangladesh.
At once a time enriched or citizen dignity cal historic Sonargaon now only some village. Vast area surrounded wear ruins of passed to extended glory. There have civilizations be dissolved many brick-built house, excite pond landing-stage, Earth mound, Destroyed Fort, Big tank and traditional two mosque. Chief house named intimate a routed of mostly to biggest palace with nearly of pond landing stages two sides making stone-house or hours riding shape easily seeing be attract of all traveler. At a time we are go to the fair of there. There are we saw verities stole. Some stole display, Bangle's traditional Jamdani Shari, some where display to designs of art, Our countries many traditional dresses, knick-knacks, Bag, Show – piece etc. And there wear we are having swing. This swing are very interesting among awful.

After then we are go back there and one more seeing the architectural arts with skilful authority of many brick-built house, Destroyed fort, Stone- hours, Hours-riding etc.

In this manner the Sonargaons green attractive natures behind of solitary with Bangalies Esha-Kha's heroism and histories valuable many enrich able instance to be scatter about in a disorderly manner .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When I have met him

Some days ago I met with a person. But I didn’t meet with him before. Only hearing his name and saw his picture. Do you know, who is this man? But I am so sorry. Now I don’t want to flash his name, because till now he is limited within my pen. Many days I wait for him and also meet or talk to him! At first just I was hearing his name. Then I just anticipated how to he seeing? What he embellishment or slim, his nose high or clip, have his moustache? Then one day I saw his picture. And then I anticipated when I meet with him? In this manner some days ago I hearing he will come soon. And at last that’s day he coming and meeting. But I strange to seeing of him because, I thought his picture. But he and his picture some different and so handsome. I talk to him and I feel so proud to meet with my very respectable person David Sasaki.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ahsan Manzil

Photo: Jesmin Ara Amzad

Ahsan Manzil is a Dhaka Nawab Estate. It is a historical heritage site of Bangladesh in Dhaka. It was the home of the Nawabs of Dhaka. But now it is turned into a museum. The beautiful house bears the rich cultural and historical heritage. It is an important Moghal monument of the 19th century. This Estate constructed of red sandstone. It is tow-storied superior building. It has 31 rooms with 23galleries displaying portraits, furniture and household articles used by the Nawabs.

We are all that day (my friend, sister and my two teacher) visiting this “ Ahsan Manzil”. We are all enjoying this day and saw the Nawab Estate of getting enjoyment or pleasure.

There we saw some foreigners came to visiting with our countries historical heritage sites this Nawab Estate ‘Ahsan Manzil’. Then I talking to Japanese visitor with Momo and Sawata. They are very pleasurable to see the ‘Ahsan Manzil’ and enjoying to rootless child.

“The Ahsan Manzils” museum is very nice. This museum decorated to used by the Nawabs household many articles. This Estates second floor decorated for museum. There has a Model, Octagonal Table, Ivory works, Elephant skull with Tusk, Electric Meter, Electric kettle, Inaugural ceremony of Dhaka electric supply, Founder leaders of the all India Muslim Leagues photo (1906), State bed room, War-materials, Rocking chair etc.

I amazed to see the museums all display. Like;
Model: Silver, Filigree work.
Ahsan Manzil palace before the tornado of 1888 A.D. This model was purchased by the then Dhaka Nawabe Estate.
Length: 14''
Width: 14 ¾"
Weight:326 Tola (3786gm)
19th cencury A.D.

Octagonal Table: Metal Table with Tortoise-legs used by the Nawabs.
19th century A.D.
Have a photo of founder leaders of the all India Muslim league (1906). Have fruit- Dish(german silver porcelain and metal), Soap-case(metal), Pot with LID(metal), Otto-pot (silver), Rose-water sprinkler(silver), Aftaba (metal), Surahi (metal), Hukaa vase(metal), LID of the chillum (metal), Flower-vase, Hukkah vase, Spotton (metal), Khasdan (silver), Pandan (metal), Candle stand(object used by the Nawabs), Water Tup(metal), Jug(porcelain), Water glass, Dry Battery(porcelain), Electric meter(metal), Electric Kettle(metal), Inaugural ceremony of Dhaka Electric Supply(Imagined painding, 7 december,1901 A.D) etc.

Elephant Skull with Tusk: Among many elephant this named "Feroz Jung" was very faithful and favorites to Nawab Abdul Ghani.

State bed room: This state bed room have a bed, Almirah, Dressing-table etc.
I astonished to see the museum and enjoying we are all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A stormy twilight

When we are listing or watching cyclone, storm etc. Then our heart at the very sight and be thrilled of our body. The storm usually occurs in the month of Chaitra and Baishskh. The storm plays with nature. This is not any normal incident, that is a real incident of my mother infancy. When my mom newly-born that means, then my mother three month old. At that time she also crying and disturbed her mother. But my grand mom not disturb feel for her bit of the moon. My mother’s family was biggest family. They are wear four sister and three brother. Her all brother and sister are always be loved in she. Then they are lived in their village. One day my mom whole day crying. Then her second elder sister with my mom walk about idly her aunts house. But my mom don’t be quiet. Then my mom’s sister think the baby may be hungry, so she came back in view of her house. Then the nature approaching twilight and overcast with clouds. But at that time suddenly the nature attacked with storm. Then the storm in a trice soaring above throw of a river site. But she wear don’t afraid of storm rather then she wear strong because, she not lost her any side and she wear absolutely right. But then her age wear eight years old, so I strong for her Dearing. And at a time she shout of my sister... my sister.... my sister. Then that villages of all person hearing her shout and approach to finding the baby. Then the clouds are rumbling, uproots many trees or blows away thatched house. The villages all person rummaged the village in search of the little baby. Then the whole villages wear dark and shade. So, It was very big problem of searching the baby. Suddenly hearing of all crying sound a baby. Then the village’s all person running away the forest side and their saw the baby notwithstanding an obstacle or snag. At last her family and villages of all recover the baby. But their all strange of the baby be wear unhurt or unwounded.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biggest celebration in our country

Communal harmony is prevailing everywhere in Bangladesh. Almost 90% people are Muslims in Bangladesh. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and tribal people in Bangladesh. A healthy and friendly relationship is always seen among these people. Our national leaders were very particular about secularism and tool great care to establish a secular country. It is the duty of every Bangladeshi to live transcending religious, linguistic or sectional diversities. Bangladeshi culture has its inner strength in tolerance, respect for values and beliefs of others and a general attitude of cordial understanding. All religions are good- their differences lie only in their manifestations and observance. So, in a cultural program or festival of Muslims other people of other religion are always welcomed. Muslims also pay visit to the temples of Hindus and Buddhists. People of Bangladesh celebrate all religious functions in a festive mood and enjoy us.

Our countries people doing fun many cultural and religious festivals. As for festivals the Muslims observe the Eid-days while the Hindus-Pujas, the Buddhists-the Buddha Purnima and the Christians the Christmas. Besides these religious festivals too. 21st February, Pahela Baishakh, Nabanna,Halkhata are a few among them.
But many man many mind. So, our countries people doing fun different ways as like traditional occasions and religious festivals.
For example:-
The Eid Day: “Eid” is the greatest religious festival of the Muslim Ummah. People of all classes share the joys of Eid. We are enjoyed “The Eid” with streams of relatives and friends put on new dress. This days we are eating delicious item of ‘Semoy’ and rich food. This days every rich man put on new gorgeous dress and doing fun Eid –Bakhshis. Eid-Bakhshis mean; Te day weare greeted ‘Salam’ other relatives received ‘Eid-Bakhshis’. But our countries have many rootless people. The Eid Day they are celebrated different ways. They are do not put on new dress, rather Eid they are try on ancient snapped dress, begging ‘Semoy’ or ‘Eid-Bakhshis’. And this day the rootless people doing fun begging’s Eid-Bakhshis.

Pahela Baishakh: ‘The Pahela Baishakh’ is the ‘Bangla Nababorsho’. The day is observed on the first day of Bangla year. In a traditional way, we always celebrate the day with fun and mirth. Different socio-cultural organizations take different steps to celebrate the day. A great function takes place of Romna Batmool. Thousands of people gather there to celebrate and welcome the Bangla New Year. Early in the morning, we wear special dresses to celebrate the day. Panjabi and Shari are very common dress to wewr on that day. People start traditional Bangla folk song, Jaree-Sharee, Bhawaia and Bangla dance etc. the inhabitants of the country take traditional Bangla food like Panta bhath, Hilsha Fish, Green Chilli etc. in this manner we are fun in our country. But one day a rickshaw puller have a question of me;
“Apha, amrato shara bochor-e panta khai, apnara ai ekta din panta khaia amago opoman koira moja koren ken?”

( Madam, whole year we are eating water rice, why you are of all this day’s water rice eating and insult our all poor man?)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A strange dream

Dream is a common phenomenon in human life. Everybody dreams and almost every night. Some of those dreams are such that are easily remembered and can hardly be forgotten while some others go into oblivion. Similarly I have dreamt many a dream. While I have forgotten most of them, a few of them are still fresh in my mind and memory. A few days back I dreamt a strange dream. The dreams have a angel. Or this angel are not other anybody. Yes, I am this dreams angel. May be the angel was 18 years old. One day I travel to see the Egypt or Missourian pyramid. But suddenly I be defeated. At this moment I don’t think how will do now? So I walking to walking an ignorant path. Long time repeated walking to walking after be thirsty of me. At that’s time I saw a big river. Hastily I go by river to drinking water. Suddenly come to river-bed a hippopotamus. I take fright and shout……

At this moment come to a magic carpet, this carpet recover me and kill the hippopotamus. Then the magic carpet in a trice fly away to me. This magic carpets had a invisible young lad. Instantly he appear me. I am strange to see him. He was 11 years old. But his look-up wear to a prince. He with a steadfast look me. And ultimately he said me, are you marry me?

Monday, August 11, 2008

My favorite teacher

My favorite and lovely teacher is my computer teacher. I have some favorite teacher with my school teacher, college teacher and varsity teacher. They are of all my favorite and respectable teacher. But my computer teacher always be friendly object of affection with me. Oh, yes needless to say- Her name is Taslima Akter. She is very nice, intelligent, punctual, responsible, funny, honey etc……………

She is not only my teacher, in brief she is my friend with time of prosperity. Because, she is always beside me with my joy and sorrow. When I nothing decided my life’s any difficult decision, then she suggest me what is wrong or right. When I become disappointed or hopeless in any cause then she make me venturous. Just that’s not all, she always be help my any essential working part. My any good working behind she encourage me. So at last I want to say, She is my part of heart.

The cosmos conciousness

The cosmos afflicting man!
Yes, I tell you
Just you are the cosmos!
If it be mornings golden sun?

The cosmos afflicting nature!
Yes, I see you
You are justly afflicted!
If it be loves state?

The cosmos afflicting world!
Yes, I to do rotate
Just you are the day-blind rotating!
If abundant man’s hoaxing light-and-shade?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

How cruel could life be !

A little slip of a girl. Her name is Selina. She wouldn’t be more then 8 years. She hawking to be chocolate. And she hawking to residential area and any inhabited place. She live in nearest Martyrdom from Dhaka. Her family member only tow person with her mother and she. Her mother have not any income source. Because, she is physically sick.

So her mother dependent only Selina’s income. But Selina’s income are not enough to her family and treatment for her mother.
So she can hardly support with her family. When Selina lying in the womb or uterus of her mother, then her father dividing them. When I talking to Selina then she look vacantly or blank of me. And when I pick up photo of her, then her eyes be suffused with tears. She must have been quite fair but layers of dirt and grime had turned her skin of fair skin could however be detected in places. With large dark eyes, she could have been a pretty child under proper care.

Left on the streets of Dhaka to fend for nearest, She lived with her mother in a makeshift hut. Whoever her income that not properly meals them. Whenever she loft over some rice from Dhaka Medicals patients or devotees was all that he lived on. How cruel life be!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Grandmother

My grandmother name is Ozifa Begum. She is 80 years old. But she’s look-up still very strong and always very smart. She live in our village. But she is not ever rustic. I love my grandma. She is very lovely. She love me and I love she. Our relation also friendly. She is very strong women because, she procreate 14 child. She always be fun her all grand-children. She like Bangladeshi food, like new and colorful dress. Her hear is brown color. But she not use color-medicine, but use natural Henna paste, she not use lip-stick, but she also chew betel. We are unique with every cultural program celebrate and enjoy. At that time my sweet grandma alone by one’s self cooking and serving. She is always be funny. Always she on the alert her intellect of responsibility or liability. Her of all child’s is special for him. But her all grand-children’s not special for him. She’s only one lovely, sweet grand-child she’s second daughter’s child. And my grandma always busy to her lovely grand-child’s Pinky. She always be seized with over mastering emotion with to Pinky. But I nothing jealous my cousin because, she is ours heart. Now my grandma widow, but she is not to discourage or be discouraged. She always very punctual and virtuous. She is a great mom and glories grandma.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Lalbagh Fort

Though a small country, Bangladesh has many world Heritage sites: The historic Lalbagh Fort of Dhaka, The Shatgombuj Mosque of Bagerhat, the ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur, Ahsan Manzil and The Sundarbans etc.
The Lalbagh Fort is an important Moghul monument of 16th century. It is a fine architectural achievement. It is an enormous Moghal architectural site by covering a very large area. Recently I visited this Moghal monument of the Lalbagh Fort with my mom and my cousin.

The Lalbagh fort is a Moghal monument. The Fort didn’t build directly by Moghal. It was built by provincial governor. In 1678 Moghal Emperor Aowrangojeb’s son Shahjada Ajam drew architecture of The Fort. In 1680 came to provincial governor Shaeysta Khan and he instantly started to construct The Fort. Suddenly in 1684 addition stopped The Fort construction. People thought that accidentally Shaeysta Khan’s elder daughter Pary bibi died, so they thought it is an inauspicious sign to build the Fort. Then The Lalbagh Fort remained uncompleted. Beside this, some people thought that, the construction of the Fort was stopped for the war in southern country. The Fort’s area was surrounded by a wall of 18 acre. The Fort has many monuments. Such as: there are three dome conspicuousness, mosque, pari biby’s shrine, audience-hall, soldier-barrack, main gate, gutter extraction to drainage and have an underground system etc.

Tiffani with her husband

When I went there then I saw many foreigners came to visit The Lalbagh Fort. Then I talked with them. At first I talked with Tiffani and her husband. Her husband is Bangladeshi, but he lives in UK. Tiffani felt very proud to visit The Fort. She is very funny and very nice.

After that I talked to Susana. She is so sweet-honey. She is very frank. She came with her friend. And her friend is Bangladeshi. She visited The Lalbagh Fort and she also enjoyed this place. Then I saw they were very happy to visit our country’s historical places. So, I feel glory for my country.

Really this Fort is wonderful. The Moghal Emperor’s architectural achievement was so good. I was so amazed to visit this place. The Moghal architecture is mind blowing. Really the scenery of Lalbagh Fort is very charming.

Such as:

Audience-Hall: The Lalbagh Fort’s audience-hall is two-storied superior. The Moghal administration-works were done in this audience-hall. Sometimes people used to live there for short time.

Now this audience-hall is used as a museum. This museum’s first’s floor has materials of war, made of iron net’s war-dresses, have a soldier dress, Humbam Khana (Royal bath), bath-tab, have a furnace and a toilet or a dress changes room etc. There is a royal bath. There was a system of steam bath. It is amazing.

And this museum’s second floor has some items on their many useful things. Such as: metal vessels, wall-hanging, many poetical-books ( these books’ languages are -- Urdu, Farsi, Arabian etc), many Holly Quran, many coins of silver, gold , copper coin, carving a character letter etc.

This museum is very nice and charming. When I saw this museum’s every side then I sometime I felt afraid that I went back in the Moghal period.

Pool: There is a charming pool in front of the audience-hall. The pool makes a reflection to glow the audience-hall.

Mosque: The three dome superior mosques are very wonderful artistry embedded.

Pari Bibi’s Shrine: Pari bibi’s shrine is made in a faint appearance to Agra’s Tajmahal. This shrine has 9 rooms. The Pari biby’s grave is in the middle of the shrine. Pari biby’s nick name is Irandut.

Soldier-barrack: The soldier-barrack is situated in front of the Pari biby’s shrine. At thes back side there is an underground visiting room.

Drainage: The drainage used to clean The Fort’s gutter.

Garden: The Lalbagh Fort’s has a very nice and big garden. This garden was built by following-up the style of Pakistan Shalimar garden. This Moghal garden is amazing. This garden’s every place is very wide. The garden has graceful and seasonal flowers. We can see the ixora in the rainy season. Muslea, petunia, Alamunda and many varieties flowers are here in this garden. The garden’s green grasses get a grown-up stage by the touch of rain. Really I feel charming to see the beauty of this garden.

At last I want to say that The Lalbagh Fort will be praised to era to era.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Nature-watching a favorite pastime for many nature lovers.

I am a nature lover, I also like silence of nature.
So, I enjoy spend my pastime watching nature.

As like the river, flower, bird , moonlit-night, etc.
This pictures are near my friend's house from the Dhaka City.

That day I visit my friend house, at that time I saw the river, field, flower, grass, cow, etc.

So, instantly I bound the pictures with my camera.

Then I am very proud to feel and pick the pictures and share them all on my blog.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

A Gas-Balloon Seller

First Published

Long time ago there was an old man. He was a merchant. He had a business of a gas-balloon. He started selling gas-balloon when he was 12 years old. He started this business from his village. After that he came at Dhaka city. Instantly he developed his life by selling gas-balloon.

When I was three years old then I saw him. And I asked my mother about him. Then my mother told me about him. My mother saw him from her childhood. She saw that man always as same.

When the man used to sell the gas-balloons then he used to recite a rhyme like singing style. The rhyme was:

‘Gas-balloon char-ana
Dhaira rakhben charben-na
Chaira dile woira jaibo
Ar fira paiben-na…………’

[Gas-balloon is at tk 0.25;
Don’t leave, hold it;
If it is left then it will fly away;
You won’t get back that.]

He had polygamy. But he did that for some reasons. He got his second marriage after the death of his first wife. When his second wife died then he got third marriage and she also died. After the death of his third wife he got fourth marriage. But when she died then he decided that he will never get married. He took this as his fate and bad luck.

His has seven sons & five daughters. He made his all children educated. At a time he built seven buildings in Dhaka city & day by day he became a rich man. But he never changed his occupation.

I always saw him as same. I heard from my mother that she never saw any changes on him. He always put on lunge (like skirt), genji (T-shirt) & plastic shoes. Just his voice became changed for his age. But he always used to sell Baloons by reciting:

‘Gas-balloon char-ana
Dhaira rakhben charben-na
Chaira dile woira jaibo
Ar fira paiben-na…………’

Suddenly I heard that the man died. It is unbelievable but it’s true that when he died he was 150 years old. Today he is no more with us but I will remember him forever.

A Street Beggar

First Published

‘Pai dia jan, pai dia jan,
Pai dia jan ………….’

It is not a poem. This ‘Pai’ means Coin. It is a dialog of a street beggar. He is a blind man. He has white hair. He is 70 years old. I knew about this man before 15 years. But his look, get up didn’t change. All time he wears a white t-shirt and white sky color grameen cheak lungi. He retains an aluminum bowl; a bag and a stick for standing. And all time he says his dialogue “Pai dia jan, Pai dia jan”.

One day I asked him, what is ‘Pai dia jan’? I also asked his name. But he didn’t answer my question. He seemed that he didn’t hear my question. But actually he did. Maybe he didn’t want to answer my question. Then he just repeated “Pai dia jan” ………. Always I see him begging in Goran, Basabo, Shantibag.

Another day I again asked him the same question. Then he informed me that the “Pai dia jan” dialogue’s “Pai” word is quite attractive in Shadarghat terminal. That is why he uses this word. He also said, “Pai” word is same to him as getting anything or taking coin. In Bengali ‘Pai’ means ‘I get’ and ‘Dia jan’ means ‘Give me’. In some local area ‘Pai’ means Coin.

When I wanted to know about his family member, he answered me that he doesn’t have any family. He is single. Then I asked him again, how does he spend the earning money from his begging? He answered me, he takes his breakfast with ‘Panta’ rice, he takes loaf as lunch and in the dinner he eats just hot boiled rice. When he can save some money then he tries to travel to different places; where no crowds and just green trees are all-around. Then I asked him that why does he want to go to this type of place? He answered me that he is blind. He just wants to feel the silence of nature. He wants to smell the green trees and fresh air. He thinks that God has gifted a power of smelling and feeling to the blind people.

Almost 2 years I didn’t see him. I don’t know he is alive or not. May be any time at any place I will hear ---------------------

‘Pai dia jan, pai dia jan,
Pai dia jan ………….’

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