Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a very big problem in our society. Drug addiction means when life becomes dull, boring, uninspiring, or uninteresting. It damage be very early of human being. So it is very bad habit for human being. It is not only damage drug addicted person, it is scruffily to destroy our whole society. In our county once only male were addicted but still now both male and female involve drug addiction. He or she was addicted by drug. They are many man educated or somebody non-educated. But very bad that, when our societies educated person to be interested beside obsessed to drug addiction. They are not be alert for drug addiction rather then they are also enjoy it and to be interested for taken drug another person. When any drug addicted person nothing get some money for collection drug, then they are have a tendency for money collection. Because then they are have overwhelming or besotting influence. And very astonishing an object they are also overwhelming or besotting influences origin to disfigure with corrections own body. Also his or her attitude is change and also misbehave with the other person. If anybody tries to stop him from his bad situation; but he or she dislikes him very much.

I see the many addicted person in my life. Recently I went to an physician for my physically treatment. Here I saw an addicted man. He came with her mother in front of the physician. And the physician whispered him that please you go to any physician for intoxicant treatments. But then the addicted man be very angry by the physician and he say that of the physician no I don't go any other physician site. Now just you treatment of me. And now you check my pressure. Then the doctor laughing and being compelled he treatment of the stranger man. So I think if we are all should be some step's for drug addicted person as every family be alerts themes family members. So then possible of our favour to make free intoxicant country.