Friday, October 17, 2008

Alleviate the poverty in Bangladesh

Poverty is a big problem in Bangladesh. The poverty is a situation in which man can not meet the basic needs of life. Most of the people of our country are very poor. They live below poverty line. They can hardly keep body and soul together. Our personal, family, social and economic life’s each other any sides are not free from the poverty. So the poverty is an extensive and inscrutable social problem. However this poverty can be alleviated to some extent. Our lands should be cultivated scientifically. Scientific method and modern farming should be introduced. The high birth rate should be created. Animal husbandry, crop diversification, fishers, poultry, horticulture, agriculture, dairy farming should be introduced and all these things will go a long way to alleviate poverty.

More ever, the following elements of such an approach play a decisive role in poverty alleviation:

  • Income generation particularly through self-employment;
  • Improvement in supply and distribution of food, drinking water and sanitation facilities,
  • Improvement of access to basic education, skills and training
  • Improvement in crisis-coping capacity and survival strategies through reduction in vulnerability and other socio-economic instability.

If poverty alleviation programme’s to support the government. So poverty alleviation can be made easy.

Like the government should be some stapes in poverty alleviation:

  • Bangladesh rural development
  • Food for works programme’s
  • Vulnerable groups development programme’s
  • Police station resource development and employment project
  • Creation of employment opportunities through infrastructure development
  • Rural maintenance programme’s
  • Social service for the poor
  • Women’s department etc.
Muhammad Yunus should be stapes alleviation to poverty as Grameen Bank. It is very help of many poor people. So we are all people can should be some steps to alleviation of poverty in Bangladesh.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Minor musing

The minor girl be defeated to sea of ideas or sentiments or emotions. Why she anxious be her little charm full life! Which that she thinking of as if the grass with she sharing her minor musing. So that is inconsolable minds unreasonable voice.