Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jaws of death

Man is mortal. These is common phenomenon in our earth. But these is not fair as break one's heart. An expirations with anybody lost her life partner, more then any body having one's father dead. Of this sort consents that day (15-09-08) Late. Shahidul Islam's family. He was a very simple and honest person. He had 38 years old. He was not higher education. But he had crest of humanity. He lost his father of his childhood. Then his mother having straggle and be grown up her all child. In the same way or manner Mr. Shahid leave his wife, two child and his ancient mother. But after some hours difference with died Shahid's mother. That is eccentric harassed of a steam roller of them. That is how ruling of the God ?

Shahid's alone leave behind of his wife, 12 years old a skilful girl and a little son. His daughter read in class nine (group of science ). That is very strange, but this is true. The girl wear very firstly speak and intellectual girl. So Shahide very early admitted school of his daughter. Same to same his son. His son now read in class five.

Mr. Shahid to be worked an American Tobacco company in Bangladesh. He was a normal staff of Tobacco company. His income was are not enough for his family. Whole life he straggle with poverty. Somehow he and his family passed their life. But their have lovely family. Shahid's wife beside of her husband doing some petty work. She know sewing dresses. So she sew another persons dresses and take charges beside household chores.

Mr. Shahid's had disease of asthma. He was not successfully fasting some day. But we are Muslim. The fasting is part of our religion. That day (15-09-08) Shahid are not wear fasting. Because, he felt some physically problem. But we are knocking before Doctor, then he leaved the earth. He is no more. So off all around goes to just rustling sound. He leaved behind two pure child. But these child's are lost them shade of a grove. Now their hoe do live the earth! How to do get them reading source ! In that case what their life be shortly drop out ?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Historical place of Sonargaon

Every body would like to visit an known to unknown. Man want to known ignorant, want to new fermentation, want to being open air and drink nectar to gaudy worlds wonderfulness. So poetries tone hearing having to that expression;

"Thakbo nako boddho ghare,
dekhbo ebar jogottake;
kemon kore ghoorche manus,
jugantorer ghurnipake."

(Not stay to bound just room,
See now the earth;
How to surrounded to man,
Era's moving round.)

Our country's national poetries this poets exited to me about known to our country. So that day we are some student, teacher's rotate to go the sonargaon with David Sasaki. But suddenly our car stop a filing station. Then we are all there pick up photo with David Sasaki. At that’s time there a old men and he look up David and asked me what he your brother? Then I laughing and told him yes. After then we are going to Sonargaon.


This Sonargaon the city of Dhaka from just 14 k.m. south-east site Dhaka-Chittagong path near river of situated behind the menghna. Once upon time the famous historical place sonargaon wear the Bangalies twelve landed proprietors (that means a little of land lord. This twelve not number of twelve mean unlimited land lord) powerful Esah-kha's city. It is said the Sonargaon naming to Esha-kha's wife Sona-Bibi. Bangladeshis this Sonargaon names to first of all memorable remote of exceed history.

The Sonargaon's old name was Subarnogram. Once a time there have Shah-Sultan's city. This Sonargaon there days wear countries of all enriched city and trade and commerce centre. 14th century Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah at first situated at city in Sonargaon. After then up to 17th century the Sonargaon's fame or enriched wear incomparable. Moghal samrat Acbors soldier Manshingha to attacked the Sonargaon of Esha-kha's period. But Esha-kha heroic with to war and to keep up dignity of Sonargaon. After death of Esha-kha destroyed to dignity of Sonargaon and it to take possession of 17th century with Moghal. Then the Moghal subedar's shifted to Bangla city of Sonargaon from Dhaka.

We are all visited the Sonargaon and enjoyed all time. Acrid of terrible and hot weather don't among our side flare up. We are some time breaking and having chotpoti, phuchka, drinks etc.

Today the Sonargaon's glory subject of history. Sonargaon museum is biggest museum. There wear display many thing of useable material Esa-Kha. There have Scrold for Behula and Lakshmi (19 century), scrold for king Batsa Raj, Tribal women wearing cloth with the Had loom, Harberasher, A pice of Bamboo for card, Basket (20 century), Model of Zoom Cultivation Bandarban, Traditional wear for Chakma Tribal women, Manipuri Shawl, Bag for Marma and Chakma, Khanjani, Designed picture, Musical instrument, Terracotta doll, Prisarving Ghat, Tobacco Burner, Earthen Boat, Materials of war, Jamdani sari, Ornaments, have a skilful designing mud wall's Bangladesh map etc.

Zannat Photo: Jesmin

There wear again I met tow Japanese Momo and Sawata. I take interview of them. I asked to them: How many historical place visited of them and which this place of Bangladesh their favorite?
Then their told me their visited to Bangladesh's many historical place like: Paharpur Buddha Bihar, Moinamoti, Rajshahis Kuthi Bari, Ahsan Manzil, Sonargaon etc. But their said me their very happy to visit Bangladesh and Bangladesh's historical place. Every place are different and interesting same as to delightful.

Momo and Sawata

Really we are glory in our country for Bangladesh.
At once a time enriched or citizen dignity cal historic Sonargaon now only some village. Vast area surrounded wear ruins of passed to extended glory. There have civilizations be dissolved many brick-built house, excite pond landing-stage, Earth mound, Destroyed Fort, Big tank and traditional two mosque. Chief house named intimate a routed of mostly to biggest palace with nearly of pond landing stages two sides making stone-house or hours riding shape easily seeing be attract of all traveler. At a time we are go to the fair of there. There are we saw verities stole. Some stole display, Bangle's traditional Jamdani Shari, some where display to designs of art, Our countries many traditional dresses, knick-knacks, Bag, Show – piece etc. And there wear we are having swing. This swing are very interesting among awful.

After then we are go back there and one more seeing the architectural arts with skilful authority of many brick-built house, Destroyed fort, Stone- hours, Hours-riding etc.

In this manner the Sonargaons green attractive natures behind of solitary with Bangalies Esha-Kha's heroism and histories valuable many enrich able instance to be scatter about in a disorderly manner .