Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jaws of death

Man is mortal. These is common phenomenon in our earth. But these is not fair as break one's heart. An expirations with anybody lost her life partner, more then any body having one's father dead. Of this sort consents that day (15-09-08) Late. Shahidul Islam's family. He was a very simple and honest person. He had 38 years old. He was not higher education. But he had crest of humanity. He lost his father of his childhood. Then his mother having straggle and be grown up her all child. In the same way or manner Mr. Shahid leave his wife, two child and his ancient mother. But after some hours difference with died Shahid's mother. That is eccentric harassed of a steam roller of them. That is how ruling of the God ?

Shahid's alone leave behind of his wife, 12 years old a skilful girl and a little son. His daughter read in class nine (group of science ). That is very strange, but this is true. The girl wear very firstly speak and intellectual girl. So Shahide very early admitted school of his daughter. Same to same his son. His son now read in class five.

Mr. Shahid to be worked an American Tobacco company in Bangladesh. He was a normal staff of Tobacco company. His income was are not enough for his family. Whole life he straggle with poverty. Somehow he and his family passed their life. But their have lovely family. Shahid's wife beside of her husband doing some petty work. She know sewing dresses. So she sew another persons dresses and take charges beside household chores.

Mr. Shahid's had disease of asthma. He was not successfully fasting some day. But we are Muslim. The fasting is part of our religion. That day (15-09-08) Shahid are not wear fasting. Because, he felt some physically problem. But we are knocking before Doctor, then he leaved the earth. He is no more. So off all around goes to just rustling sound. He leaved behind two pure child. But these child's are lost them shade of a grove. Now their hoe do live the earth! How to do get them reading source ! In that case what their life be shortly drop out ?

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