Saturday, August 9, 2008

How cruel could life be !

A little slip of a girl. Her name is Selina. She wouldn’t be more then 8 years. She hawking to be chocolate. And she hawking to residential area and any inhabited place. She live in nearest Martyrdom from Dhaka. Her family member only tow person with her mother and she. Her mother have not any income source. Because, she is physically sick.

So her mother dependent only Selina’s income. But Selina’s income are not enough to her family and treatment for her mother.
So she can hardly support with her family. When Selina lying in the womb or uterus of her mother, then her father dividing them. When I talking to Selina then she look vacantly or blank of me. And when I pick up photo of her, then her eyes be suffused with tears. She must have been quite fair but layers of dirt and grime had turned her skin of fair skin could however be detected in places. With large dark eyes, she could have been a pretty child under proper care.

Left on the streets of Dhaka to fend for nearest, She lived with her mother in a makeshift hut. Whoever her income that not properly meals them. Whenever she loft over some rice from Dhaka Medicals patients or devotees was all that he lived on. How cruel life be!!!

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