Thursday, August 14, 2008

A strange dream

Dream is a common phenomenon in human life. Everybody dreams and almost every night. Some of those dreams are such that are easily remembered and can hardly be forgotten while some others go into oblivion. Similarly I have dreamt many a dream. While I have forgotten most of them, a few of them are still fresh in my mind and memory. A few days back I dreamt a strange dream. The dreams have a angel. Or this angel are not other anybody. Yes, I am this dreams angel. May be the angel was 18 years old. One day I travel to see the Egypt or Missourian pyramid. But suddenly I be defeated. At this moment I don’t think how will do now? So I walking to walking an ignorant path. Long time repeated walking to walking after be thirsty of me. At that’s time I saw a big river. Hastily I go by river to drinking water. Suddenly come to river-bed a hippopotamus. I take fright and shout……

At this moment come to a magic carpet, this carpet recover me and kill the hippopotamus. Then the magic carpet in a trice fly away to me. This magic carpets had a invisible young lad. Instantly he appear me. I am strange to see him. He was 11 years old. But his look-up wear to a prince. He with a steadfast look me. And ultimately he said me, are you marry me?


bint battuta said...

And what did you say, Zannat? I would like to know ;-)


romi said...

I must say you have some very imaginative dreams!

I'm also curious about your answer to the marriage proposal from the prince... :)

Zannat Ara Amzad said...

Thanks to all for yours comments.
When the prince propos to me,then finished of my nice dream. But if the dream have to real,then I say the prince "I waiting for you"