Friday, August 8, 2008

My Grandmother

My grandmother name is Ozifa Begum. She is 80 years old. But she’s look-up still very strong and always very smart. She live in our village. But she is not ever rustic. I love my grandma. She is very lovely. She love me and I love she. Our relation also friendly. She is very strong women because, she procreate 14 child. She always be fun her all grand-children. She like Bangladeshi food, like new and colorful dress. Her hear is brown color. But she not use color-medicine, but use natural Henna paste, she not use lip-stick, but she also chew betel. We are unique with every cultural program celebrate and enjoy. At that time my sweet grandma alone by one’s self cooking and serving. She is always be funny. Always she on the alert her intellect of responsibility or liability. Her of all child’s is special for him. But her all grand-children’s not special for him. She’s only one lovely, sweet grand-child she’s second daughter’s child. And my grandma always busy to her lovely grand-child’s Pinky. She always be seized with over mastering emotion with to Pinky. But I nothing jealous my cousin because, she is ours heart. Now my grandma widow, but she is not to discourage or be discouraged. She always very punctual and virtuous. She is a great mom and glories grandma.


elia said...

14 children are a lot of children, she must be a very pround woman (how many grandchildren does she have?)

Zannat Ara Amzad said...

Tank you so much for your comments.My grandmom's all child are not married. But now have her 15 grandchildren.