Thursday, August 21, 2008

A stormy twilight

When we are listing or watching cyclone, storm etc. Then our heart at the very sight and be thrilled of our body. The storm usually occurs in the month of Chaitra and Baishskh. The storm plays with nature. This is not any normal incident, that is a real incident of my mother infancy. When my mom newly-born that means, then my mother three month old. At that time she also crying and disturbed her mother. But my grand mom not disturb feel for her bit of the moon. My mother’s family was biggest family. They are wear four sister and three brother. Her all brother and sister are always be loved in she. Then they are lived in their village. One day my mom whole day crying. Then her second elder sister with my mom walk about idly her aunts house. But my mom don’t be quiet. Then my mom’s sister think the baby may be hungry, so she came back in view of her house. Then the nature approaching twilight and overcast with clouds. But at that time suddenly the nature attacked with storm. Then the storm in a trice soaring above throw of a river site. But she wear don’t afraid of storm rather then she wear strong because, she not lost her any side and she wear absolutely right. But then her age wear eight years old, so I strong for her Dearing. And at a time she shout of my sister... my sister.... my sister. Then that villages of all person hearing her shout and approach to finding the baby. Then the clouds are rumbling, uproots many trees or blows away thatched house. The villages all person rummaged the village in search of the little baby. Then the whole villages wear dark and shade. So, It was very big problem of searching the baby. Suddenly hearing of all crying sound a baby. Then the village’s all person running away the forest side and their saw the baby notwithstanding an obstacle or snag. At last her family and villages of all recover the baby. But their all strange of the baby be wear unhurt or unwounded.


Anonymous said...

How terrifying this must have been. I'm glad to read it turned out well, and that your mom was found safe.

Zannat Ara Amzad said...

Thanks for your comment.