Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biggest celebration in our country

Communal harmony is prevailing everywhere in Bangladesh. Almost 90% people are Muslims in Bangladesh. There are Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and tribal people in Bangladesh. A healthy and friendly relationship is always seen among these people. Our national leaders were very particular about secularism and tool great care to establish a secular country. It is the duty of every Bangladeshi to live transcending religious, linguistic or sectional diversities. Bangladeshi culture has its inner strength in tolerance, respect for values and beliefs of others and a general attitude of cordial understanding. All religions are good- their differences lie only in their manifestations and observance. So, in a cultural program or festival of Muslims other people of other religion are always welcomed. Muslims also pay visit to the temples of Hindus and Buddhists. People of Bangladesh celebrate all religious functions in a festive mood and enjoy us.

Our countries people doing fun many cultural and religious festivals. As for festivals the Muslims observe the Eid-days while the Hindus-Pujas, the Buddhists-the Buddha Purnima and the Christians the Christmas. Besides these religious festivals too. 21st February, Pahela Baishakh, Nabanna,Halkhata are a few among them.
But many man many mind. So, our countries people doing fun different ways as like traditional occasions and religious festivals.
For example:-
The Eid Day: “Eid” is the greatest religious festival of the Muslim Ummah. People of all classes share the joys of Eid. We are enjoyed “The Eid” with streams of relatives and friends put on new dress. This days we are eating delicious item of ‘Semoy’ and rich food. This days every rich man put on new gorgeous dress and doing fun Eid –Bakhshis. Eid-Bakhshis mean; Te day weare greeted ‘Salam’ other relatives received ‘Eid-Bakhshis’. But our countries have many rootless people. The Eid Day they are celebrated different ways. They are do not put on new dress, rather Eid they are try on ancient snapped dress, begging ‘Semoy’ or ‘Eid-Bakhshis’. And this day the rootless people doing fun begging’s Eid-Bakhshis.

Pahela Baishakh: ‘The Pahela Baishakh’ is the ‘Bangla Nababorsho’. The day is observed on the first day of Bangla year. In a traditional way, we always celebrate the day with fun and mirth. Different socio-cultural organizations take different steps to celebrate the day. A great function takes place of Romna Batmool. Thousands of people gather there to celebrate and welcome the Bangla New Year. Early in the morning, we wear special dresses to celebrate the day. Panjabi and Shari are very common dress to wewr on that day. People start traditional Bangla folk song, Jaree-Sharee, Bhawaia and Bangla dance etc. the inhabitants of the country take traditional Bangla food like Panta bhath, Hilsha Fish, Green Chilli etc. in this manner we are fun in our country. But one day a rickshaw puller have a question of me;
“Apha, amrato shara bochor-e panta khai, apnara ai ekta din panta khaia amago opoman koira moja koren ken?”

( Madam, whole year we are eating water rice, why you are of all this day’s water rice eating and insult our all poor man?)

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